Essentials for Recruitment

We help organizations optimize high-stakes recruitment decisions.

Lectica's senior & executive recruitment products are designed to add predictive power to high-stakes recruitment decisions. They help to ensure that the leadership skills of applicants are a good match for the complexity of their roles, and can even help employers build more effective teams by providing information that helps optimize leader-direct report relationships.


Required for executive recruitment. Examines the complexity level and quality of a leader's real-world decision-making skills. Includes:

  • Complexity level analysis: An assessment of the Lectical Level of a candidate's real-world leadership decision-making.
  • Clarity analysis: An assessment of the clarity of candidates' argumentation.
  • VUCA skills analysis: Assessments of VUCA or CAOS skills, including contextual thinking, collaborative capacity, perspective coordination, and decision-making.
  • Detailed individual report.
  • Individual report summary with potential growth analysis.

Precise role fit

Required for recruitment. A Precise Role Complexity Analysis examines the alignment between the capabilities of a candidate and the complexity demands of a specific leadership role. Includes:

  • Everything included in the complexity assessment
  • A Precise Role Complexity Analysis—a developmental analysis of the complexity demands (complexity and volatility) of the types of decisions a candidate will face in a given role, based on the role description, competency requirements, and Precise Role Complexity Survey results. (A sample survey is shown at the bottom of this page).
  • An assessment of the fit between a candidate's capabilities and the complexity demands of the role
  • Individual report summaries with growth and role fit analyses.
  • Role fit report (candidate comparison).

Team fit

Examines the relative skills of a candidate and per potential supervisor, peers, and/or subordinates, ideally within the context of the complexity demands of a particular role. (Compare to the Team Fit Snapshot and Lectica for the C-suite). Includes:

  • Everything included in the role fit assessment.
  • Complexity assessments for all existing team members and their line manager.
  • An assessment of the fit between a candidate's capabilities, the complexity demands of the role, and the capabilities of peers, supervisor, and/or subordinates.
  • Individual report summaries with growth, role fit, and team fit analyses.
  • Team fit report (candidate comparison).
Component Complexity Assessment Role Fit Assessment Team Fit Assessment
Complexity level of real-world decision-making X X X
Clarity analysis (argumentation) X X X
VUCA skills analysis X X X
Automatic score review X X X
Rush turnaround available X X X
Detailed individual report X X X
Individual report summary X X X
Precise Role Complexity Analysis   X X
Precise Role Fit report   X X
Team Fit report     X

Lectica Suite Complexity analysis

The Lectica Suite Complexity analysis requires an assessment product called Essentials++ for recruitment (ESR++ ). The LDMA Tour below provides an example of an individual ESR++ report.

Lectica Suite Precise Role Fit

The power of Lectica's recruitment tools lies in our ability to determine Precise Role Fit with a Precise Role Complexity Analysis (PRCA). Precise Role Complexity Analyses make it possible for us to calculate Precise Role Fit, which is required for the recruitment use of our assessments.

The teal band in the Role Fit Snapshot below represents the Precise Role Complexity range of a particular role. The colors of the circles representing individual scores tell us how well the Lectical Scores of candidates fit this complexity range. High Precise Role Fit scores, in combination with ESR++ scores (plus a score we don't advertise), provide the information required to make recommendations about which candidates should move forward in your recruitment process.

A role fit snapshot can be provided when multiple candidates are being considered for a role.

For a detailed example, see the article, Fit-to-role, Clarity, and VUCA skills.

Lectica Suite Team Fit

Most recruitment processes today include at least some assessment of the alignment between a candidate's beliefs, values, and attitudes and those of the organization. Lectica's Team Fit Assessment looks at an even more predictive dimension—developmental compatibility—a measure of how the complexity level of a candidate's skills dovetail with the complexity levels of teammates' skills.

A bad fit can be toxic. The subordinate whose skills are more developed than those of her supervispr is likely to become frustrated or disengaged. The teammates of a superstar who consistently out-thinks everyone else on the team are likely to become demoralized or hostile. When developmental compatibility is not taken into account, situations like this are common, teams suffer, and talent is wasted.

The Team Fit Assessment helps organizations build high-functioning teams and optimize their leadership hierarchy. The following figure shows how the scores of existing team-members relate to the average Role Fit Range of team-member roles. Understanding the current configuration of a team is just as important as knowing the Precise Role Fit scores of candidates for a particular role, because it helps answer the question, "Is this candidate a good fit for this particular team?"

Validity & reliability

At Lectica, we believe in total transparency regarding the validity and reliability of all assessments employed in the workplace. We can confidently say that Lectical Assessments are the most sophisticated assessments of mental skill in the marketplace today. Each one is based on exhaustive and ongoing research into the development of targeted skills, using a well-vetted set of research methods and our breakthrough technologies. We have conducted numerous studies of validity and reliability, several of which are published in psychometric journals. We invite you to explore our research pages or contact us to learn more.


Using any assessment in selection involves high stakes—for individuals and institutions. It is essential to ensure their use in selection processes is valid and ethical. The Lectica First, Lectica Suite, and Lectica for Admissions products are designed to ensure valid and fair use. In addition to a Lectical Assessment, they always involve: (1) a General Complexity Analysis, (2) a Precise Complexity Analysis, and (3) a Sweet-spot calculation. It is not acceptable to use Lectical Assessments in selection processes without these components, and only Lectica is authorized to offer these analyses.

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