Why LectaTests?

Lectica's adult assessments

Lectica's mission is to "help the world think better" by supporting optimal learning—the kind of learning that can be applied immediately in everyday life and work—while creating the foundational knowledge, dispositions, and skills that support lifelong learning. Lectical Assessments, along with our learning model, VCoL+7, are an important part of any adult educator's or coach's toolkit. 

Several LectaTests are focused on skills that are particularly important in leadership—such as collaborative capacity, contextual thinking, complex thinking, decision making, ethics, conceptions of leadership, and self-understanding. Other LectaTests focus on general skills for thinking, learning, and teaching.

To learn more about using our assessments in organizations, watch this video:

Selected funders

IES (US Department of Education)

The Spencer Foundation


Dr. Sharon Solloway

The Simpson Foundation

The Leopold Foundation

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Selected clients

Glastonbury School District, CT

The Ross School

Rainbow Community School

The Study School

Long Trail School

The US Naval Academy

The City of Edmonton, Alberta

The US Federal Government

Advisory Board

Kurt Fischer, Ph.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Emeritus

Antonio Battro, MD, Ph.D., One Laptop Per Child

Marc Schwartz, Ph.D. and former high school teacher, University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D., University of Southern California

Willis Overton, Ph.D., Temple University, Emeritus