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Lectical Assessment in Practice—Recruitment (LAP-2)

LAP-2 is an accreditation course for consultants who would like to work with Lectica’s recruitment subscription service, Lectica First, and take initial steps toward learning how to work with our Complexity, Fitness, and Compatibility assessments. Individuals who complete the course satisfactorily will become Certified Lectica First Recruitment Consultants.

LAP-2 Light 

LAP-2 is also available as a non-accreditation self-guided course called LAP-2 Light. The LAP-2 Light syllabus is similar to the LAP-2 syllabus, shown below, except that (1) you will not be certified to use assessments with clients, and (2) Modules 5, 7 & 8 are excluded. LAP-2 Light is available for $995.

The benefits of taking LAP-2 Light are: (1) exposure to the knowledge and skills required to work ethically and effectively with Lectica First in recruitment contexts, (2) pre-exposure to a very challenging curriculum, which will not only help you decide if you want to take the certification course, but give you a head start on building the requisite knowledge base.

Please contact us for registration information. 

LAP-2 consists of 8 two-hour online sessions, spread over 18 weeks. Between sessions, you will be assigned homeplay that generally takes 3-4 hours to complete. (The presentation assignments in Modules 5, 7, & 8 may take longer to prepare.) The spacing between modules is intentional, allowing ample time between sessions for you to apply and reflect.


You do not have to complete LAP-1 to take LAP-2, but you will need a LAP-1 accreditation prior to being certified to work with the Lectica Suite. No prior accreditation is required to work with Lectica First.

Each module is facilitated by a team of talented and experienced consultants and educators.

In LAP-2 (Lectical Assessment in Practice—Recruitment) you'll learn...

  • a variety of ways in which Lectica's recruitment tools can be used to improve recruitment decisions;
  • how Lectica's recruitment tools can be integrated into existing recruitment processes; 
  • how to pitch, work with, and leverage Lectica First & Lectica First Plus, our front line to mid-level recruitment subscription services; and
  • gain insight into the much more demanding skills required to work with Lectica's Complexity, Role Fit, and Team Fit assessments.

LAP-2 syllabus

Module 1: Introduction & the Human Capital Value Chain

The first module of LAP-2 begins with an introduction to the course, including a review of the syllabus and clarification of the requirements for successful completion and accreditation. We'll also examine the rationale for Lectica's decision to expand its role in recruitment, explore the history of HR, and take a close look at Lectica's Human Capital Value Chain.

Introduction and rationale

  1. Course overview
  2. Why recruitment?
  3. Vision, approach, & goals

HR and the Human Capital Value Chain (HCVC)

  1. A brief history of HR
  2. What is a Human Capital Value Chain?
  3. Lectica's HCVC processes

Module 2: Evaluating assessments

Statistics are essential for the development, evaluation, and selection of assessments. They also play a huge role in justifying the use of assessments in high stakes contexts like recruitment. In this module, we will prepare you to explain the validity and reliability of Lectical Assessments, compare the validity and reliability of our assessments with the validity and reliability of other assessments, help clients make better assessment choices, and help clients use assessments appropriately.

Topics covered in this module

  1. Is this really necessary?
  2. Correlation
  3. Statistical significance
  4. Replication
  5. Practical significance
  6. Prediction
  7. Confidence

Module 3: Recruitment processes, practice, and assessment

Informal assessment has been part of recruitment since the first person was hired. But it wasn't much more than 100 years ago that formal metrics began to emerge. From the beginning, these formal metrics have been used to add value to human judgment. In this module, we'll look at highlights from the history of recruitment and recruitment assessment, examine the veracity of claims about various forms of recruitment assessment, and begin a discussion of how assessments can most effectively be integrated into recruitment processes.

Topics covered in this module

  1. Origins of recruitment assessment
  2. Forms of recruitment assessment
  3. Recruitment stakeholders
  4. Historical tensions in recruitment
  5. Legal issues in recruitment
  6. What really works in recruitment assessment?
  7. Elements of the recruitment process
  8. Integrating assessments into recruitment decisions

Module 4: Lectica First

In this module, we introduce Lectica First, our front-line to mid-level recruitment subscription service. You will learn about the components of Lectica First, the validity and reliability of the Lectica First assessment, how Lectica First can be integrated into existing recruitment processes, how to add value to Lectica First measurements, how to market Lectica First, and the mechanics of working with Lectica First to enable clients to make the best possible recruitment decisions.

Topics covered in this module

  1. Role Complexity Analysis—what it is, it's purpose, and how it works
  2. Lectica First integration
  3. Validity & reliability
  4. Upgrades to Lectica First
  5. Pitching Lectica First
  6. Using Lectica First

Module 5: Pitching & explaining Lectica First

Participants will present a Lectica First pitch based on what they have learned in the course so far.

Please note: LAP-2 is not a sales course. We will not be teaching sales or pitching technique. The Pitching Modules are primarily intended as learning exercises. Participants will leave the course with a polished pitch deck, the knowledge they need to work effectively with Lectica First, and enough knowledge about Lectica Suite to decide if you'd like to apply for an apprenticeship.

Module 6: Lectica Suite

In this module, we introduce Lectica Suite, a trio of tools for mid-level to executive leader recruitment. You will learn about three Lectica Suite products, the validity & reliability of Lectica Suite assessments, how Lectica Suite can be integrated into existing senior recruitment processes, and what it takes to debrief Lectica Suite results.

Topics covered in this module

  1. Positioning Lectica Suite and marketing Lectica Suite products
  2. Integrating Lectica Suite tools into executive recruitment processes
  3. Complexity assessment
  4. Role Fit assessment
  5. Team Fit assessment
  6. Lectica Suite reports

Module 7: Explaining the Lectica Suite

Participants will solidify their knowledge by learning how to explain the Lectica Suite.


Module 8: Lectica Suite reports

Participants will learn to interpret Lectica Suite report results.

Final assignment

There is no final assignment for this course. Instead, we will ask you to massage assignments until we are confident that you have adequate mastery of the material. 

LAP-2 certification

Certification as a Lectica First Recruitment Consultant

In order to be accredited, participants must demonstrate:

  • full participation in the program through attendance in at least seven out of eight live modules; 
  • satisfactory completion of 100% of exercises set both during and outside of live modules (including homeplay); and
  • a commitment to comply with Lectica's ethical, legal, and procedural policies.

Certifications will be reviewed every four years. Renewal will be based on participation in “update” offerings, adherence to Lectica's policies, and a review of case studies describing projects your use of Lectica First.

Certification in the use of Lectica Suite Products is part of a longer process that involves an apprenticeship. Applications for apprenticeships can be made following successful completion of the course

LAP-2 course fees

The course fee is $2,789 US. 

(A $199 discount is available to early birds.)

Additional fees

To be accredited, participants will need to have personally completed a Lectical Assessment and a debrief by a Lectica Master Consultant. If you have not taken a Lectical Assessment, there will be an additional fee of $625 to cover this requirement. If you have completed an assessment but not a debrief, a fee of $325 will cover the debrief. If you have already completed both, you're all set.

Refund and transfer policies

Prior to the registration deadline, we will refund 85% of your payment on request.

After the registration deadline, no refunds are available, but you will be given 2 years to complete your course by transferring to a later offering. When you transfer, you will be required to pay a processing fee equal to 15% of the course fee being charged at that time (excluding "additional fees," above).


Our next LAP-2 has not yet been scheduled. Class dates will be posted once they have been set: 

Applying for LAP-2

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