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At Lectica, when we talk about leader development, we're talking about the development of the everyday skills required to lead optimally in today's complex and volatile world. For example, our Leadership Decision Making Assessment (LDMA) helps leaders learn to design and implement increasingly effective solutions when presented with complex, thorny problems, which means learning to:

  • communicate clearly and effectively about complex matters;
  • identify problems and issues before they become intractable;
  • identify and address both proximal and contextual causes;
  • effectively identify, clarify, and leverage relevant perspectives to improve the quality of decisions;
  • determine when and to what degree collaboration is appropriate in a particular decision making context;
  • facilitate and participate effectively in collaborative decision-making;
  • create an environment that fosters effective communication, collaboration, and decision making;
  • quickly develop decision-making processes that are optimally adapted to particular situations;
  • generate multiple plausible solutions; and
  • make timely adjustments or corrections.

Leader development and Lectica's Human Capital Pipeline

Recruitment: Lectica's recruitment tools make it possible to measure what matters most, first.

Onboarding: We can help you close gaps in a new hire's skills with a development plan based on the results of Lectical Assessments, and a General Analysis of your organizational hierarchy or the precise analysis of the specific position.

Performance management: We can help you monitor leaders' growth with annual or biennial re-assessments.

Learning and development: We aim to put an end to one-size-fits-all development programs by providing you with the information you need to customize learning—beginning with a General Analysis of your organizational hierarchy and the diagnostics from Lectical Assessments.

Succession planning: We can help you identify and develop talent with a General Analysis of your organizational hierarchy, comparisons of role complexity with employee performance on Lectical Assessments, and customized development plans based on the diagnostics from Lectical Assessments.

Neglected but necessary

The skills we target at Lectica are the kind of skills that are most efficiently developed primarily in real-life contexts through cycles of goal setting, information seeking, application, and critical reflection—and with practices that are tailored for each individual leader's "learning edge."

Although skills like these are essential to good leadership, they are often neglected in leadership programs, especially programs of the "edutainment" variety or those that focus on ego or identity development. They also tend to be neglected in classroom-based training programs that teach conventional decision-making methods as though they are sets of rules or procedures.

Diagnostic assessment

Our assessments diagnose the specific learning needs of individual leaders, and Lectical Coaches and Consultants use this information, along with a powerful learning model we call VCoL+7, to support Leaders' growth.

VCoL+7 optimizes learning. Leaders learn faster and better while building the habits of mind that support lifelong learning—and you get the maximum return on your development dollar.

Validity & reliability

We can say with confidence that Lectical Assessments are the most sophisticated and truly educational leadership assessments in the marketplace today. Each one is based on exhaustive ongoing research into the way in which targeted skills develop over time, using a well-vetted set of research methods and our breakthrough technologies. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

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