Clinical Lectical Interviewing for Practitioners (CLIP)

About CLIP

CLIP is a four-week course in Clinical Lectical Interviewing for Certified Lectical Consultants, Educators, and Coaches. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified to deliver Lectical Assessments as interviews.

Interview assessments have advantages in a variety of contexts. For example:

  • For busy senior executives, they are more appealing than written assessments, because they're more personal and take less time.
  • They are often viewed as less threatening by individuals who suffer from test anxiety.
  • Many people who do not enjoy writing find the interview format more appealing. 
  • Interviewing, because it is a form of intense listening, can strengthen the coaching relationship.
  • When using Lectical Assessments in executive hiring, an interview is often preferable to a written assessment.


CLIP is a 4-week online course with a final assignment. Each week, we'll meet for two hours. Most class time will be spent in small group practice sessions in which participants will learn the basics of good clinical interviewing—Lectica style. Along the way you'll be confronted with a range of interview challenges and explore solutions.

Class 1: The basics of Clinical Lectical Interviewing (CLI)

In this class we'll introduce CLI basics. You'll learn:

  • The goals of CLI and how they may differ from the goals of other interviewing approaches
  • The basic rules of CLI
  • How to prepare clients for the interview experience
  • How to track and probe responses
  • Interview techniques to avoid

Classes 2–4: Challenges, pitfalls, and solutions

In classes 2-4  you’ll play the interviewer as we model 10 challenges that can affect the quality of interview responses. Then, you'll work with group members to develop and implement strategies for managing these challenges.

Final assignment

For the final assignment, each participant will conduct and record a minimum of one interview and write a detailed self-critique. The interview will also be reviewed by your instructor, who will provide detailed comments and suggestions and determine if you have achieved an adequate level of skill for certification. If the instructor decides that you need additional practice, you may be asked to conduct a second interview as part of the certification process.

Fees & schedule

Course fees will be $799 before April 30th, 2017 ($899 after that date)

We'll meet on May 15th, May 22th, June 5th, and June 12th.

Sessions will be from 5-7 PM US ET (New York time).

Selected funders

IES (US Department of Education)

The Spencer Foundation


Dr. Sharon Solloway

The Simpson Foundation

The Leopold Foundation

Donor list

Selected clients

Glastonbury School District, CT

The Ross School

Rainbow Community School

The Study School

Long Trail School

The US Naval Academy

The City of Edmonton, Alberta

The US Federal Government

Advisory Board

Kurt Fischer, Ph.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Emeritus

Antonio Battro, MD, Ph.D., One Laptop Per Child

Marc Schwartz, Ph.D. and former high school teacher, University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D., University of Southern California

Willis Overton, Ph.D., Temple University, Emeritus