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It took us 20 years to reinvent educational testing from the ground up. The result is a breakthrough technology for creating sophisticated educational tools that both measure and promote the kind of learning that matters most in our complex and changing world. 


K-12 schools

Our K-12 assessments (DiscoTests®)—foster productive conversations between learners and educators—discourse. They play a key role in virtuous cycles of instruction, practice, and feedback. DiscoTests don't ask what students have memorized. Instead, they ask how richly they can play and work with what they've learned. DiscoTests also support future growth with personalized learning suggestions, practices, and resources. 

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Higher education

Our adut assesments are called LectaTests™. Every LectaTest targets a specific set of real-world skills, such as those involved in leadership decison-making, ethical reasoning, mindfulness, pedagogy, or self-understanding. For example, the LDMA, our leadership decision-making assessment, supports the ongoing development of skills like contextual thinking and collaborative capacity.

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Lectical Assessments stretch your leader development dollar by increasing the efficiency—speed and quality—of learning. We accurately diagnose leaders' individual learning needs, then provide resources and everyday practices that develop the skills & dispositions leaders need most in today's complex and volatile workplace envirionments. If you're serious about developing leaders, Lectical Assessments are for you. 

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The free CLAS demo is here!

Be one of the first to try out lecticalive and CLAS—the world’s first automated developmental scoring system. You’ll take a mini version of the Lectical Reflective Judgment Assessment (LRJA), then immediately receive a report that explains the meaning of your score and provides personalized learning suggestions.

The demo is for ages 9 through adult.

Preview: Lecticalive for Parents!

Lecticalive for Parents will make it easy for parents everywhere to support the development of critical life skills—skills for learning and thinking—that are often neglected by today's schools.

The team at Lectica has produced the best practical application of developmental theory since Piaget came on the scene in the 1930s.

Kurt Fischer Harvard Graduate School of Edu

Not only is DiscoTest a remarkable achievement in its own right, but Dr. Dawson and her team have what it takes to make it a reality.

Tom Curren Hawthorne Consultants

Lectical Assessments measure the kind of deep, meaningful learning that prepares students for a lifetime of growth and accomplishment.

Renee Owen Rainbow Community School

Lectica's work represents a much-needed complete rethinking of what it means to do educational assessment.

Antonio Battro One Laptop Per Child



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Kurt Fischer, Ph.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Emeritis

Antonio Battro, MD, Ph.D., One Laptop Per Child

Marc Schwartz, Ph.D. and former high school teacher, University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D., University of Southern Califormia

Willis Overton, Ph.D., Temple University, Emeritis