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We're sharing several of our most effective stress- and crisis-management learning tools.

Lectica First

Lectica First makes it affordable to screen any and all applicants for the fit between their mental skills and role requirements—prior to taking any other action.

We'd like to connect you with a Certified Consultant who will demonstrate what Lectica First can do for your recruitment system.

Check out Lectica Inside—our talent development toolkit!

If you're interested in developing talent while creating a vibrant learning culture in which everyone learns optimally from everyday activities, Lectica Inside is for you.

See the Lectica Inside page for details.

We want to show everyone how to learn better, faster, and more enjoyably. So, we created ViP, a powerful little course that will change your life by transforming the way you learn. If you are 16 years or older, ViP is for you.

Did you know that eight of the World Economic Forum's top ten leadership skills for 2022 are VUCA skills that are directly targeted by the LDMA?

Join us in LAP-1 and learn how to use Lectical Assessments to help clients build the skills they need most—efficiently and effectively.

People are saying...

Kurt Fischer, Harvard Graduate School of Education

The team at Lectica has produced the best practical application of developmental theory since Piaget came on the scene in the 1930s.

Tom Curren, Hawthorne Consultants

Not only is DiscoTest a remarkable achievement in its own right, but Dr. Dawson and her team have what it takes to make it a reality.

Antonio Battro, One Laptop Per Child

Lectica's work represents a much-needed complete rethinking of what it means to do educational assessment.

Renee Owen, Rainbow Community School

Lectical Assessments measure the kind of deep, meaningful learning that prepares students for a lifetime of growth and accomplishment.

Riina Raudne

Amazing work you do—thank you so much on behalf of humankind!

David Daniel

I didn’t start enjoying learning as an adult until I took the LDMA.