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ViP is a course for adults and teens (14 & up) who want to become extremely effective lifelong learners. In this course, you'll learn a little bit about learning, but you'll primarily be building actual skills for learning. No, not study skills, but skills for learning the way your brain wants to learn. This way of learning—in-the-moment learning—involves VCoL+7 (the Virtuous Cycle of Learning and its Plus Seven Skills). It's the kind of learning required to build the real-world skills and habits required for success in a rapidly changing and complex world. And it's way more fun than memorizing.

ViP consists of 8 modules and 9 online sessions, held 2-4 weeks apart. Each module focuses on VCoL itself or one of the +7 skills. Prior to each session, you will listen to a video about the skills you'll be building during the following month. During the session, video content will be unpacked in a live 2-hour workshop. Then, between sessions, you'll use everyday situations to practice a series of real-world learning skills, briefly sharing your experiences with other participants at the end of each cycle.

ViP is perfect for groups

Although ViP was originally designed for individual participants, Teams, families, & friends who take ViP together will enjoy the additional learning benefit of frequent opportunities to share learning experiences. If the members of your group are interested in taking ViP together, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and ask for information about group participation and rates.


Module 1: VCoL

In Module 1, you'll learn about the Virtuous Cycle of Learning, where it comes from, and how to put the basic cycle to work in daily practice.

Module 2: Self and other awareness

In Module 2, we'll explore the role of self and other awareness in learning with VCoL, and you'll practice a set of skills that will help you recognize and make the most of everyday learning opportunities. 

Module 3: Making connections

In Module 3, you'll learn how making conscious connections contributes to optimal learning, and practice techniques for making connections in a variety of learning contexts.

Module 4: Seeking and evaluating information

In Module 4, you'll discover several ways in which seeking and evaluating information adds to the value of learning experiences, and build learning habits designed to ensure that efficiently seeking and evaluating information becomes one of your default learning mechanisms.

Module 5: Applying knowledge

In Module 5, you'll learn about the critical role of real-world application in deepinging and solidifying knowledge and skill.  You will practice several ways of making the most of everyday situations in which you are putting knowledge—new and old—to work.

Module 6: Reflectivity

In Module 6, you'll learn about the role that a habit of reflection plays in lifelong learning—especially when it is accompanied by VCoL and other +7 skills. You'll also learn a few simple practices that will help you embed reflection optimally in everyday learning contexts.

Module 7: Seeking and working with feedback

In Module 7, we'll explore how feedback supports learning and introduce a number of ways of obtaining high quality feedback from a variety of sources. You'll learn to recognize and overcome fears around giving and receiving difficult feedback and how to make feedback part of every learning cycle—even when noone is watching! 

Module 8: Overcoming biases

In Module 8 you'll learn how to combat and even overcome some of the most common cognitive biases, including confirmation bias, framing bias, the halo effect, fundamental attribution error, proximity bias, and over-confidence bias.

Module 9: Wrap & celebration

In the final Module of ViP, we'll come together one last time to review what we've learned and hear about one anothers' experiences with VCoL+7 and in-the-moment learning.

Registration & fees

There are two ways to participate in ViP. You can take the course purely for the learning experience, in which case the full fee is $795 US. Alternatively, you can take the course for a certificate. If you plan to take the certificate version of the course (for example, if you are taking it for continuing credit and require evidence of satisfactory completion), the course fee is $1,795 US, and you will be expected to participate in 8 out of 9 sessions and complete two written assignments, one at the start of the course, and one at the end.

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