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Continuous growth tracking for organizations

We're taking growth tracking to scale with our first automated offering—Lectica Inside. As we roll out Lectica Inside features over the next year or so we'll be inviting you to come along for the ride with significant discounts for early adopters—like the one below!
Early adopter special offer: 10% discount until the summer solstice

Lectica Inside—ViP for Managers edition

With a focus on VUCA skills

Our first Lectica Inside early adopter offer focused on the development of fundamental decision-making and interpersonal skills in talent development programs. Our second early adopter offer focuses on the development of managers' VUCA skills.

In a nutshell, the ViP for Managers edition of Lectica Inside is a minimally disruptive learning journey that consists of three key elements:

  1. An LDMA assessment, which is followed up with a series of 12 short reports, each of which provides a new personalized skill-building practice (micro-VCoL).
  2. ViP, a minimally disruptive 12-24-week course in which LDMA VCoLs are used to help participants build skills for learning optimally from everyday experience while developing essential VUCA skills.
  3. A team of Lectica-trained coach-educators who will facilitate ViP and provide learner support throughout the program.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will learn how to micro-VCoL. Micro-VCoLing is a powerful learning skill. It allows people to learn the way the brain likes to learn—from conscious reflective practice through embedded cycles of goal setting, information gathering, application, and reflection. Embedded learning takes place in-the-moment—in natural learning moments. During ViP, active participants are likely to habituate micro-VCoLing, which will then support pleasurable high-quality learning for the rest of their lives.
  • While learning to learn optimally with micro-VCoL, participants will build fundamental VUCA skills, including skills for perspective coordination, contextual thinking, collaboration, and complex decision-making. Importantly, the skills they learn will be personalized based on the level of skill demonstrated in LDMA performances.

Organizational benefits

  • Learning through micro-VCoLing reduces some of the risks associated with learning, especially the risk of making high-stakes errors caused by applying new knowledge without adequate skill. 
  • People who micro-VCoL habitually learn faster and better than those who don't. This means they adapt more quickly to change and are more likely to build advanced capabilities. 
  • People who micro-VCoL habitually build more robust intuitions, which means that when under pressure, they are more likely to make high-quality decisions than those who do not micro-VCoL habitually.
  • Managers with better VUCA skills make better decisions, play better with others, and are more agile. 
  • See more benefits of micro-VCoLing in the article, Benefits of micro-VCoLing. And learn more about the benefits of building VUCA skills in the article, How to build leadership decision-making skills.

Prices vary, depending on management level, number of participants, and program length. They typically range from $1,100 to $2,400 per participant. Early adopter discounts are  10% for those who contract by June 21st.

Early adopter program requirements

  • Being one of the first 6 organizations to contract by June 21, 2020.
  • Contracting for a minimum of 40 program participants.
  • Having a great early adopter attitude. (We're working with new technology and there may be bumps in the road!)
  • The ability to make payments in a timely fashion. We're (still) a small nonprofit and can't afford slow payment.

Why continuous growth tracking?

Today, competition for talented employees is greater than ever. Lectica Inside will give you an edge—a big edge—especially if you're an early adopter.

Lectica Inside will allow you to do several things that were previously impossible (or impossibly expensive)...

  • Continuously track the development of critical leadership and reasoning skills.
  • Increase the rate at which employees develop capabilities required for top performance. 
  • Determine when individuals are likely to achieve the level of capability required in a particular role.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs.

Dr. Dawson has penned two blog posts that illustrate the benefits of Lectica Inside. Part 1 shows how individual growth tracking benefits organizations and employees, and part 2 shows how growth tracking can help your organization stay ahead of the competition.


Tracking development to optimize learning, engagement, & productivity (part 1)

Growth trajectories of three leaders


Tracking development to optimize learning, engagement, & productivity (part 2)

Leaders' growth trajectories in three organizations


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