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If you are a K-12 school leader or a curriculum decision maker, the school pages are for you. Here, you'll find information about Lectica, it's mission, our first electronically scored Lectical Assessment—the LRJA—and our low-cost subscription service for public and nonprofit schools.


Lectica, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Its mission is to build and deliver learning tools that help optimize learning while supporting the growth of skills for thinking, learning, and relating. These learning tools are backed by a strong learning model—the Virtuous Cycle of Learning (VCoL+7™)—and a comprehensive vision for educational testing and learning, in which assessment exists to serve optimal learning. You can learn more about this vision in our white paper—Virtuous cycles of learning: Redesigning testing during the digital revolution

We have spent over 20 years developing our methods and the technology required to deliver our learning tools—known as Lectical™ Assessments or DiscoTests®—at scale. These assessments are backed by a large body of research, including ongoing investigations of their validity and reliability. Here are some links to research reports:

The following video provides an overview our research and mission:

Current offerings

In the fall of 2016, we introduced our first electronically scored Lectical Assessment—the LRJA (an open response performance assessment focused on reflective judgment/critical thinking that is both richly formative and standardized). The LRJA is recommended for use in research and program evaluation as a summative assessment and in the classroom as a formative assessment.

The best way to learn about the LRJA is to experience it first-hand. Just click on the CLAS demo link, then select the "go straight to the demo" button. On the next page, fill in the signup form with the educational level of your choice. Click "submit", then, click on the "autofill" button (top right, under the header) to fill the responses form with an example. 

If you would like to learn more about using Lectical Assessments to optimize thinking and learning, check out the tabs and links on this page and/or contact us.

Selected funders

IES (US Department of Education)

The Spencer Foundation


Dr. Sharon Solloway

The Simpson Foundation

The Leopold Foundation

Donor list

Selected clients

Glastonbury School District, CT

The Ross School

Rainbow Community School

The Study School

Long Trail School

The US Naval Academy

The City of Edmonton, Alberta

The US Federal Government

Advisory Board

Kurt Fischer, Ph.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Emeritus

Antonio Battro, MD, Ph.D., One Laptop Per Child

Marc Schwartz, Ph.D. and former high school teacher, University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D., University of Southern California

Willis Overton, Ph.D., Temple University, Emeritus