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Rebecca (6th grade)

The current information in this page is for the LRJA completed on January 5, 2017.

Latest LRJA score

Your latest Lectical Score is 1088 (phase 10d). Over the last 12 months, your score has grown by about 12 points. This rate of growth is slightly above average.

Performance at 1088 meets the task demands of most first year college curricula or training programs for the development of management or technical skills.

If you stay on your current growth curve, Your reflective judgment skills are likely to be at level 1100 in another year—give or take a few points.

Growth edge

You are right on the verge of transitioning into what is often referred to as "systems thinking," in which you will learn to coordinate multip[le abstract concepts like evidence, valdity, and bias

Right now, you are especially likely to be interested in questions about how do deal with situations in which there are multiple, conflicting perspectives or variables to take into account. When making decisions, you may find yourself vacillating between two possible responses—both of which seem compelling. This is normal.

Everyday practice & resources

Everyday practice: In the transition between levels 10 and 11, a powerful everyday practice is to pay attention to situations in which you are having difficulty deciding between possible choices. You can support your own growth by:

  • making 2 lists of the factors you are considering—one for each of the possible choices, 
  • looking at which factors the two choices have in common and which they don't have in common, then
  • thinking about why the choices they do not have in common lead you to two different solutions.

Resources:  To learn more about decison-making, start with, The art of making good decisons, by Philip Kimble.


The following graph shows the growth of Rebecca's reflective judgment skills. 

This is a mock-up.

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